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    is an outlet for news about all the perishable categories typically featured in a retail store:

Bakery, Dairy, Deli, Floral, Meat & Poultry, Produce, Seafood

Plus we cover top-level happenings in Retail and Foodservice that are of special interest to a Senior VP of Perishables at a supermarket or other retail chain or a top executive at a foodservice chain operator or distributor.

Much of the content is generated within the industry in the form of corporate announcements and press releases. You can recognize the content that came to us in this way because it is published with this icon: Press Release (PR)

In addition, our team of editors selects articles that run in the general press but are useful for the perishables trade and will intersperse those in the article stream. You can identify these pieces because they carry this icon: 3rd Party (3rd party) is made possible by the folks at Phoenix Media Network, Inc., America's most respected publisher for the perishable food industry, producing such leading print titles as PRODUCE BUSINESS, DELI BUSINESS, CHEESE CONNOISSEUR and AMERICAN FOOD AND AG EXPORTER.

Online, Phoenix Media produces many web sites and e-mail newsletters. Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, the company’s flagship site, is recognized throughout the world for the insight it offers into the world of fresh food and floral marketing. If you aren’t familiar with Jim, you can read his bio here and you can get a free subscription to the “Pundit” right here.

Jim also serves as Editor-in-Chief for, and you will sometimes see pieces from our sister publications in the article flow. These are identified with this icon: Sibling (sibling)

In addition, from time to time, our staff of editors will submit their own articles, which will be identified by this icon: Original (original)

A few notes: focuses on the Marketing, Merchandising, Management and Procurement interests of the industry, rather than the production side of the business. We welcome contributions of all sorts. If you or your company would like to submit a press release for publication, you can do so here. If you have found an article that you think would be of interest or benefit to the trade, you can send us a link here. If you just want to submit a letter to the editor or a suggestion, a comment or a criticism, please do so here. is available in three formats: It is a web site so feel free to add to your favorites. It is also available as an e-mail newsletter or an RSS feed. With either of these options, both available absolutely free, you can sign up for one category - just news from the produce industry or just news from the deli industry, for example - or you can select two categories, such as just news from the produce industry, plus the top level Retail & Foodservice Category, or you can sign up for all of the seven categories.

In any case, you can elect to receive news as it happens, which means we will e-mail you or send you an RSS feed many times a day, or you can receive a summary daily, weekly or monthly as your interests and schedule allow. You can sign up for this free service right here.

Even if your current position encompasses only one of the perishable departments, we encourage you to browse the other categories as well. There are many similarities between these departments, and all contribute to the differentiation of one store from another. We can all learn a lot just by paying attention to what goes on in all the perishable areas of the store.

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit is about analysis and selection. Jim selects individual issues to discuss in great depth. is about encompassing a world of information, organizing it and delivering it to you on a schedule you’ve selected.

Everyone needs both in-depth analysis and a broad perspective on the field in which they toil, so we welcome you to! If you need any help or think we can do our job better, please let us know by sending us a message right here.

At, we bring you the world of perishables, on the schedule you select.

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