Stay Informed On Industry Issues Impacting Logistics at IBIE

Through discussion at the upcoming Logistics Conference at IBIE, ABA members can specifically share which resources they would personally benefit most from in their fight against plastics theft.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Announces Their Upcoming Exhibition at IBIE 2019

Atlantic Ultraviolet will be showcasing product lines for use in many different facets of the baking industry—such as fermentation rooms, HVAC systems, leavening machines, vacuum coolers, commercial ovens, commercial baking washers, kneading machines, and liquid sugar tanks.

New Cleveland Artisan Bakery Planned for Tremont Residential Development Project

August 22, 2019 Douglas Trattner, Scene

When it opens next year, Leavened will offer a full line of artisan products like naturally leavened loaves, croissants, Danishes, brioche buns and many others. Those items will be available for purchase at the retail shop, but also at bulk to wholesale accounts.

Silver Hills Bakery Celebrates 30 Years Of Sprouted Power

August 21, 2019 Silver Hills Bakery

Based in Abbotsford, BC, Silver Hills was founded on a mission of caring for one another to create a healthier world. Never losing sight of that mission, 30 years later, Silver Hills has more than 20 varieties of its high-quality artisanal breads, bagels, tortillas and buns, including its iconic Squirrelly Bread, all of which are plant-powered and feature nutrient dense sprouted grains.

Ardent Mills Continues to Make Strides in Commitment to Sustainable Changes

August 21, 2019 Ardent Mills

Ardent Mills, the premier flour-milling and ingredient company, today announced that it has signed a 25-year agreement with US Solar to purchase an expected 1.8 million kWh annually under a subscription plan supporting US Solar’s Goodhue County, Minnesota solar gardens.