Dorot Farm Launches New Rainbow Carrots in the North American Region

June 24, 2019 Dorot Farm

Dorot Farm, the number one exporter of fresh and sweet carrots from Israel, is pleased to announce NEW fresh and sweet Rainbow Carrots direct from our farm. We are very excited to expand our line of product with these fresh and sweet rainbow carrots to the North American region.

NWPB Announces Watermelon Resource Available for Registered Dietitians

The National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) announces a newly developed “Wide World of Watermelon Registered Dietitian Toolkit.” The toolkit offers resources tailored for specific RD practice areas including media and communications, school nutrition, retail and supermarket, sports dietetics, private practice and foodservice.

JBT’s Cutting-Edge CoreTakr Technology Makes Full Commercial Debut

June 24, 2019 JBT Corporation

JBT Corporation has announced the commercial introduction of the FTNON CoreTakr. An innovative robotic system, the CoreTakr uses advanced 3D camera technology to accurately and speedily remove unwanted cores from lettuce heads used in the fresh-cut and ready-to-eat segments.

Canadian Vegetable Prices Rising at Fastest Pace in Three Years

Prices for fresh vegetables were up 17% from a year earlier in May, according to data released Wednesday by Statistics Canada. That’s the 8th straight month of double-digit gains, and the fastest yearly growth since the start of 2016. The price gains are widespread across the produce aisle — potato costs are up 16% and tomatoes rose 14%.

Plenty Debuts Flavor-First Vertical Farm

June 24, 2019 Plenty

Plenty, the vertical farming company that puts flavor first, today debuted its new farm, Tigris, designed for the best possible flavor while producing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness. Tigris exerts absolute control over variables like climate and light, while using less than one percent of the land and less than five percent of the water compared to an outdoor farm.