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   Real California Cheesemakers Win Big At 2009 World Cheese Awards
by Dan Mahoney, Ketchum
Posted: Thursday, November 12, 2009 at 10:56AM EST

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. & MODESTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--California’s cow’s milk cheesemakers were honored with 15 awards at the 2009 World Cheese Awards, a prestigious international cheesemaking competition hosted October 1-3 in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria.

The annual competition, hosted by the Guild of Fine Foods, boasted more than 2,000 entries from 34 different countries, including Mexico, South Africa, Australia and Japan. The submissions were evaluated by a panel of judges drawn from 24 nations across the globe. California cheesemakers clearly demonstrated the quality and heritage of California dairy: improving upon last year’s remarkable achievement of 10 awards, seven California cheesemakers were awarded two gold, three silver, and 10 bronze awards at this year’s competition.

California winners in the 2009 World Cheese Awards competition included:

  • Marin French Cheese Company, Petaluma, received 1st place (Gold) for Le Petit Déjeuner in the “Fresh/cream cheese cows’ milk plain” category; 2nd place (Silver) for Le Petit Crème and 3rd place (Bronze) for Le Petit Camembert in the “Mould ripened, soft or unpressed cows’ milk cheese – plain” category; 3rd place (Bronze) for Wildberry Quark in the “Quark plain or with additives” category; 3rd place (Bronze) for Traditional Brie in the “Brie made from pasteurized milk” category; and 3rd place (Bronze) for Marin French Blue in the “Blue vein cheese any variety, uncut, natural rind” category.
  • Joseph Gallo Farms, Atwater, received 1st place (Gold) for “Provolone Cheese in the Provolone – mild” category; and 3rd place (Bronze) for Mild Cheddar Cheese in the “Mild Cheddar made after 05/31/09” category.
  • Belfiore Cheese Co., Berkeley, received 2nd place (Silver) for Smoked Mozzarella in the “Other smoked cheese - soft/semi soft” category; and 3rd place (Bronze) for Burrata round mozzarella with cream filling in the “All other new cheeses, open to any new cheese first marketed after 10/01/2008” category.
  • Bellwether Farms, Petaluma, received 2nd place (Silver) for Carmody in the “Semi-hard cheese not in any other class” category.
  • Fiscalini Cheese Company, Modesto, received 3rd place (Bronze) for Horsefeathers in the “Processed cheese or Processed cheese spread with additives” category; and 3rd place (Bronze) for Bandage Wrap Cheddar in the “Extra Mature traditional Cheddar made after 05/31/08” category.
  • Cantaré Foods Inc., San Diego, received 3rd place (Bronze) for Fresh Mozzarella Ovolini size in the “Mozzarella, fresh, cows’ milk in ball (large or small)” category.
  • Bravo Farms Handmade Cheese, Traver, received 3rd place (Bronze) for Tulare Cannonball in the “Gouda - made after 09/01/2008” category.

Overall, 37 U.S. artisan cheesemakers were awarded a record 79 medals at this year’s World Cheese Awards. This was the best showing for U.S. cheesemakers in the history of the World Cheese Awards competition.

Source: Guild of Fine Foods

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