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   Cryovac Deli-Snap Tray Offers Retailers A Versatile, Reclosable Package Option
by Rachel Hadley, Weber Shandwick Worldwide
Posted: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 at 9:24AM EST

DUNCAN, S.C. (Oct. 28, 2009) –Sealed Air’s Cryovac® brand introduces the Deli- Snap!™ tray, a high-barrier lidstock, snap-on-lidded tray for processed deli meats and cheeses, which addresses the needs of individual processors and retailers by offering a variety of customizable features.

The Deli-Snap!™ tray runs on conventional tray/lid equipment and is fitted with a reclosable snap-on lid. After removing the lidstock barrier film, the snap-on lid can be put back on the tray, allowing the consumer to open and close the package for the life of the product. The Deli-Snap!™ tray’s reclosable feature keeps the product fresh, while the design makes it easy for the consumer to access the product without the mess associated with other reclosable formats.

Consumers can then reuse the package once the product is finished, with the 8 ounce Deli-Snap!â„¢ tray being the ideal size to store a sandwich.

“The greatest thing about the Deli-Snap!™ tray is its versatility,” said Jim Belcher, marketing director for Sealed Air’s Cryovac® case ready products. “We can customize everything from product display options to size, and it all can be done on existing tray/lid equipment.”

Options for the Deli-Snap!â„¢ tray include: a stock or custom tray, which can be embossed; easy-open lidstock, which can be plain or printed; and a reclosable lid, which can be embossed or labeled. The package can be designed for peg board, standing or lay-flat retail display, holding anywhere between 8 and 22 ounces of product. The hermetic seal of the lidstock gives processors the option to use a low-oxygen modified atmosphere, which can extend the shelf-life of the product up to 45 days.

Compared to other reclosable deli package formats, such as tubs requiring laminate internal packaging, the Deli-Snap!â„¢ tray can run on a single system, leading to a reduction of equipment, labor and energy.

Source: Sealed Air

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