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   Turbana Sets Example In Community By Exuding Ethics Of Fair Trade
by Turbana Corporation
Posted: Monday, January 21, 2013 at 9:02AM EST

CORAL GABLES, Florida - Turbana and its parent company Uniban, which is the largest Fair Trade Certified banana producer and exporter in the world, have subscribed to the mission and goals of Fair Trade even before Fair Trade was created in 1988. Turbana has made it a priority to be an ethical and reliable company to its growers, retailers, and consumers, and to teach the people of Colombia to be self-sufficient and to create an environment that is thriving and sustainable.

With Turbana’s company ethos and establishment as Fair Trade, Turbana encourages farming and business practices that ensure environmental sustainability (such as energy efficiency and the reduction in quantity and toxicity of agrochemicals). Turbana helps improve growers’incomes and workers’ wages, provides infrastructure, supports self-governed life improvement projects, and empowers growers to be stakeholders in their own banana farms.

Marion Tabard, Turbana’s Marketing Director, uses an example to show how a purchase of Turbana’s Fair Trade bananas helps benefit the region in which the bananas were grown: "Just sixty-nine boxes of Fair Trade Certified bananas sold in an American supermarket allow one child from a poor family to receive an education at a local school. Think how many lives that truly changes.”In 2011 alone, as part of their Fair Trade Premium, the banana company spent $3.8 million on education, housing, loan funds, infrastructure improvements, and culture and sports activities.  

Tabard continued, “Now we’re at a turning point in the industry where consumers are educated in Fair Trade and want to invest in Fair Trade products. They care about social and corporate responsibility and want the companies they buy from to share the same values.”Fair Trade is one of the fastest growing segments in the produce industry today. Over 71.5 million pounds of Fair Trade fresh fruit and vegetables were imported in 2011, which is a 40% increase from 2010. This year, Fair Trade buying habits are purported to be even bigger: over 55 million pounds of Fair Trade produce were imported in the first half of 2012 (more than the full year of 2010). And the increase in buying activity yields more sustainability and growth in the farming regions across the world.

Fair Trade is just one of the many ethically and socially responsible practices that Turbana engages in. Turbana has a social foundation, Fundauniban, that has invested over $230 million in supporting the Colombian communities. Turbana also supports initiatives, such as Breast Cancer Awareness and assisting schools in educating their students on how to eat well and live active lifestyles. With the ‘Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools’ program, Turbana helps its retailers invest in salad bars to be installed in local schools. For more information on Turbana and it’s corporate responsibility, please visit www.turbana.com . 

About Turbana

Turbana Corporation is the fourth largest importer of bananas, the leading importer of Fair Trade Certified bananas and plantains, as well as a growing importer of Fyffes gold pineapples in the U.S. The company’s commitment to social responsibility, product quality and customer service excels in the industry. Turbana is owned by two parent companies: Fyffes, one of the largest tropical produce importers and distributors in Europe, and by Uniban, the world’s largest banana co-op of independent growers based in Colombia.

Source: Turbana Corporation

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