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   Florida's Dairy Farmers Promote Dairy For Super Bowl Sunday
by Florida Dairy Farmers
Posted: Monday, January 21, 2013 at 3:08PM EST

Orlando, Fla. - As fans prepare for football’s biggest day of the year, many hosts face the challenge of preparing a tasty menu. Sometimes the food is just as big of a draw as the Super Bowl itself. On average, Americans consume two to three days’ worth of food during this one event, kicking many New Year’s resolutions to the curb. Fortunately, there are healthy alternatives to the traditional finger foods served up at kickoff.

Dairy foods offer nine essential nutrients and include three of the four “nutrients of concern” identified in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans – calcium, vitamin D and potassium. Score some extra points with your guests by cooking up these healthy recipes, all under 400 calories:

“In addition to healthy eating, being active is an important part to overall wellness,” says Alyssa Greenstein, RD, LD/N, senior manager of nutrition affairs for Florida Dairy Farmers. “So, before the game and snacks begin, spend part of your Sunday afternoon outside playing some touch football with friends and family.”

Here are other ways you can keep your health in check on game day:

  •     Start with a healthy breakfast. Eating a nutrient-rich breakfast gives you energy and makes you less likely to fill up on unhealthy foods later in the day.
  •     Squeeze in a pregame workout. Going to the gym before the game can help burn off some of those calories you’ll eat for dinner.
  •     Wear fitted clothing as a “budget reminder.” Loose fitting clothes can give you the excuse to binge, but a pair of fitted jeans will let you know when it’s time to call it quits.
  •     Keep food away from the TV. Putting the food in the kitchen will allow guests to eat when they’re hungry, avoiding mindless snacking when food is at arm’s reach.
  •     Use a plate. It’s easy to lose track of how much you’ve eaten during an intense game. Eating off a plate gives you a food limit, unlike grabbing out of a bottomless bowl of snacks.
  •     Send leftovers. Splitting the food between guests will allow everyone to enjoy a reasonable amount later and prevent the temptation of having a large amount of food at your place once the game is over.

About Florida Dairy Farmers

Florida Dairy Farmers is Florida’s milk promotion group, working to educate people on the dairy farming industry and the nutrient-rich foods it provides. FDF represents more than 130 dairy farming families throughout the state. For more information, call 407-647-8899 or visit

Source: Florida Dairy Farmers

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