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   Abbott-IPCO Introduces Seven New Caladium Bulb Varieties
by Abbott-IPCO, Inc.
Posted: Monday, October 14, 2013 at 3:07PM EDT

Abbott-IPCO, Inc., the World’s largest supplier of Caladium Bulbs, is proud to introduce for 2014 another 7 new varieties - made possible through our President/Breeder Mr. Bob Hartman of Classic Caladiums, LLC., a division of Abbott-IPCO, Inc.

One of the largest Box Stores has already introduced in their Garden Centers this past Spring 10 of our 30 New Varieties as Pot Plants and other large Box Stores as well as HGTV and Proven Winners are looking at adding some of our new varieties to their plant collection also.

2014 New Caladium Introduction - Variety Descriptions

Rio Red – Looking like a slice of watermelon, Rio Red is sure to recall pleasant summer picnics. This new strap leaf variety is the deepest red of any caladium variety and makes beautiful rivers of red in the landscape. Suitable for pot sizes 4” up including baskets and combination patio planters. De-eyeing improves habit in smaller pots. Rio Red is sun tolerant and has black petioles (stems).

Summer Breeze – As its name implies, the fancy leaf variety Summer Breeze will remind you of a warm summer day with a light breeze blowing. Summer Breeze makes large leaves, if not de-eyed, which are real show stoppers in shaded landscapes but should be de-eyed for pot production. Summer Breeze is useful in pot sizes 4” and larger.

Debutante - Though a strap leaf variety, Debutante will remind you of the classic variety Candidum, with bright white leaves and deep green veins. Debutante has short pot crop time and has beautiful habit with or without de-eyeing. It is perfect for 4” pots and larger with a compact mounded habit. Debutante should be useful as a border plant in combination patio planters or in shaded landscapes.

Cherry Tart – This rose pink with green margin, this compact strap leaf variety makes a great 4” and larger pot with or without de-eyeing. Cherry Tart also makes a great basket; in the landscape or in combination patio planters, Cherry Tart is useful as a border plant and sun tolerant.

White Majesty – By far the largest white strap leaf variety on the market, White Majesty is useful in pots 4” and larger and super in combination patio planters. White Majesty also lends itself well to the landscape being intermediate in stature and is sun tolerant. Its white leaves contrast well with its black petioles (stems).

Scarlet Flame – Scarlet Flame is a strap leaf variety who’s pattern would remind you of the classic variety Lance Whorton, however Scarlet Flame has great pot habit, something Lance Whorton never had. Scarlet Flame is super in 4” and larger pots and makes a very nice basket. In combination patio planters or landscape Scarlet Flame is useful as a border and is sun tolerant.

Red Glamour is a dark red pink to salmon pink strap leaf variety. Blackish green and red mottled veins with a dark green border and flat/shiny leaves. Tough compact variety for 4”+ pots, baskets or combination containers.

For more information email:  abbott@abbott-ipco.com  |  www.abbott-ipco.com

Source: Abbott-IPCO, Inc.

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