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   Nuestro Queso Reaches Consumers Beyond Hispanic Markets
by Nuestro Queso
Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 3:32PM EDT

ROSEMONT, IL – Consumer interest in ethnic cheeses and the growth of the Hispanic population have made Hispanic cheeses one of the fastest growing food product markets in the United States dairy industry. The 54 million plus US Hispanic population, has made an impact on the general public by growing awareness of Latino culinary influences, creating a “halo-effect” of consumer interest, trial and acceptance. This audience is what Nuestro Queso refers to a “Latin-Inspired”. They are non-Hispanic consumers who have been influenced by the culture and growing Hispanic diversity across the US. As such, Latin flavors are heating up menus across all sectors of the restaurant industry and also making an entrance into mainstream households. The “Latin-Inspired” trend is driving growth for Nuestro Queso and their customers.

Literally translated to “Our Cheese,” Nuestro Queso manufacturers and markets an extensive line of fresh premium Hispanic cheeses, creams, and drinkable yogurts.

The six-year-old start-up cheesemaker has seen the potential in making Hispanic cheeses in the growing cheese market. Having their own brand helped Nuestro Queso successfully expand into co-packing and private label manufacturing as they have been able to leverage all their expertise in the marketplace to help their co-packing clients win.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture figures, U.S. cheese production is at an all-time high with Hispanic cheeses outpacing the growth of the natural cheese category as a whole. Hispanic cheese production has increased every year over the last ten with the exception of 2012. While processed cheese consumption continues to decline, natural cheese consumption reached an all-time high with the average consumption of over 33 pounds per person per year and is expected to grow further.

“Nuestro Queso, is excited about our position in the marketplace and the incredible opportunity add unique value to retailers and bridge consumers. The convergence of

Hispanic population growth, Latin-inspired trends, experience-seeking demographic groups such as millennials and generation Z, and the consistent growth in consumption of natural, ethnic cheeses is presenting a prime opportunity for this category,” said Arturo Nava, Marketing Director, Nuestro Queso.

Nuestro Queso is meeting the demands of every major Hispanic segment through a diverse portfolio of fresh Hispanic-style dairy products through its own brand and the brands they manufacture for their co-packing and private label clients:

Mexican cheeses: Queso Fresco, Queso Oaxaca, Queso Para Fundir (also known as “quesadilla cheese”), Queso Cotija (the Mexican zesty parmesan) and Queso Panela.

Caribbean cheeses: Queso Blanco, Para Freir, (known as frying cheese) and Queso Colombiano (often used for Arepas or crumbled over beans).

Central American cheeses: Acerrin, Duro Blando, Duro Seco, Fresco Casero, and Centro Americano en Trozos.

Sour Creams: Crema Mexicana, Crema Salvadorena, Crema Centro Americana, Crema Hondurena, and Crema Guatemalteca.

Drinkable Yogurts: Nuestro Yogurt offers Hispanic drinkable yogurt in 32oz, 7oz and 6 packs of 7oz bottles in 6 flavors: strawberry, pecan, mango, pina colada, strawberry & banana and peach.

The Nuestro Queso production facility, centrally located in Kent, IL is recognized with Food Safety Management SQF Level 2 certification, which is a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)- meeting international standards that many retailers and manufacturers now require. The SQF Level 2 certification is not only important in the production of Nuestro Queso brands, but sought-after by private label and third-party manufacturing customers.


About Nuestro Queso

Nuestro Queso, which means “Our Cheese”, is a young, award-winning, Illinois-based company founded in 2009. They manufacture the highest quality and freshest Mexican, Caribbean and Central American style cheeses, creams and drinkable yogurts, all crafted with care and a personal sense of ownership using milk free of rBST hormones. The company also co-packs and develops private label brands for well-known retailers and brands. Nuestro Queso branded products are available in retailers in Chicago, the Midwest, NY/NJ area and the South. Visit Nuestro Queso at http://www.nuestroqueso.comor like us at:

Source: Nuestro Queso

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