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   Crepini Exands To Over 3000 Stores
by Crepini®
Posted: Tuesday, November 22, 2016 at 4:52PM EST

Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn-based Crepini® is pleased to announce the continued growth of the Crepe category as an emerging brand expands distribution to clubs, mainstream supermarkets and global giants in the retail industry. The crepe is widely appealing to QSR’s and chefs as millennials are drawn to versatile choices and the Naked Crepe is a perfect flavor neutral wrap to complement the filling of choice – sweet or savory.

The company’s exciting new packaging allows the consumers to enjoy the “peel and seal” film and to enjoy the crepes with greater convenience and longer shelf life.

Individual Grab and Go packaging allows Crepini to launch C-Stores and target businesses who can resell individuals to their consumers.

Crepini® has invested more than 1MM in new equipment to improve packaging, increase capacity by 80%, improve the depositing system for filled flavors and to reduce waste, reduce energy and the impact on the environment.

Crepini® is rolling out the line to the Dairy area merchandising, Home Meal Replacement Area and Deli Specialty Area. Our clients are expanding the program as continued demand for the crepe is growing on a nationwide level.

Source: Crepini®

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