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   PrimusLabs Residue Lab Adds ISO Accreditation
by PrimusLabs
Posted: Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 9:07AM EDT

Santa Maria, CA – PrimusLabs, the global leader in food safety, is pleased to announce that it has added International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Accreditation 17025:2005 for its Pesticide Residue laboratory in Santa Maria, CA. 

For 30 years, the PrimusLabs Pesticide Residue laboratory has provided dedicated service to thousands of clients in assorted food industries, especially fresh produce. It was the first privately-owned lab in the United States to conduct residue analyses for business-to-business purposes. PrimusLabs’ chemists possess unique knowledge of the varied and complicated matrices of fresh produce, as well as pesticide tolerance levels for global companies that supply foreign markets. The chemists also have expertise in organics and FDA detention testing.

PrimusLabs believes that international accreditation fulfills its desire to expand its global business interests and meet the food safety needs of new clients worldwide. Gosia Myers, Vice-President of Laboratory Services, celebrated the news, stating: “we are proud that our residue lab is now additionally accredited by A2LA to the ISO 17025:2005 standard for Pesticide Analysis of Food (QuEChERS Method). We see value in having been recognized internationally under this standard for the residue lab’s laboratory practices. We feel this recognition is an acknowledgment of our continued leadership in food safety testing.”

Sean Kurokawa, Residue Lab Manager, added: “Our achieving ISO accreditation is an acknowledgement of the efforts of the many people who have upheld standards of excellence in our laboratory for many years, and who continue to serve our clients with outstanding customer service and attention to detail. The process of achieving accreditation is a testament to their cooperative efforts in always striving for improvement.”


PrimusLabs was founded in 1987 in Santa Maria, California. Today, Primus Group (PrimusLabs and Azzule) offers a comprehensive array of food safety services, including microbiological and pesticide residue testing, PrimusGFS and Primus Standard scheme ownership, supply chain data management systems, analytics, FSMA Support Services, and the Local Farmer Program.  Please visit the PrimusLabs and Azzule websites for more information, or click on the link below to learn more about laboratory accreditation and the International Organization for Standardization.

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Source: PrimusLabs

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