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   Daisy Girl Leads Branded Organic Apple Sales
by CMI Orchards
Posted: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 8:59AM EDT

CMI Orchards is gearing up for another banner year for its Daisy Girl Organics™ brand. With organic apple production estimated to be up by 15%, CMI is looking to expand distribution even further during the 2017 season.

According to George Harter, Vice President of Marketing at CMI, Daisy Girl™ is riding a wave of sales momentum. “For the second year in a row, Daisy Girl™ is the #1 selling branded organic apple package in the U.S.,” said Harter. “It really shows that organic consumers continue to respond to the Daisy Girl™ brand.”

Harter says the organic apple harvest in Washington is just getting underway with strong prospects for the coming year. “We have a number of Daisy Girl™ orchards just coming into production. We’re seeing strong increases in our organic supply that will fuel retail distribution and promotions beyond the 9,000 stores that carried Daisy Girl last season.”

Harter says Daisy Girl™ has proven itself as a winner at retail. He cites Nielsen scan data for the past season showing Daisy Girl™ as the #1 selling branded organic apple package overall and holding the #1 sales rank by variety for packaged organic Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Ambrosia, Granny Smith and Rosalynn. He added, “We are a little disappointed because our Daisy Girl™ Pink Lady pouch bag was only #2 in U.S. organic sales in 2016 for this variety, so we’ve got some work to do this season on Pinks.”

CMI’s Daisy Girl™ sales reflect the strong consumer response to the two-pound organic pouch bag. The Daisy Girl™ two-pound organic pouch bag was introduced five seasons ago at a time when packaged organic apple sales were dominated by traditional three-pound poly bags.

According to Steve Lutz, Senior Strategist for CMI, the company introduced the two-pound organic pouch bag to lower the retail price point for consumers, while upgrading the packaging to change the shelf presentation from a commodity product to a high value branded item.

Lutz says he believes the biggest sales impact is coming from the Daisy Girl™ brand itself. “We saw an immediate sales lift with the Daisy Girl™ two-pound pouch,” says Lutz. “At first we thought the smaller package might be driving success, but after evaluating the data for competitive products, it was very apparent that the sales success was being driven by the Daisy Girl™ brand.”

Lutz cites Nielsen data showing that while Daisy Girl Organics™ are leading, branded organics in total are driving overall category performance. “This past season, branded organic apple packages, led by Daisy Girl™, generated a 26% year-over-year sales increase. During the same period, unbranded and private-label organic apple bags showed a decline of 10.2%.”

Lutz cites pricing as a key factor in driving sales. “If you look at performance on just a per-pound basis, the Nielsen data shows that branded organic apple packages like Daisy Girl™, deliver a price premium over unbranded organic bags of $.90 cents per pound. Effectively, we’re trading consumers up from a generic to a premium brand. Everybody wins.”

Harter says that one of the often-overlooked benefits to packaged organic apples is the shelf flexibility that packages give retailers. “In the past, the co-mingling issues meant organic and conventional apples could not be displayed side by side. Packaging eliminates this issue and our most successful retail partners have discovered that putting a strong organic brand like Daisy Girl™ pouch bags in a premium up-front position is driving consumer conversions and strong sales gains.”

Harter added that with the smaller size profile of the crop in Washington State this year, retailers should expect to see significant sales gains in organic bags. “Mother Nature set us up for success this year and we’re ready to drive organic sales like never before.”

About CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards is one of Washington State’s largest growers, shippers and packers of premium quality cherries, apples, pears and organics. Based out of Wenatchee, WA, CMI delivers outstanding fruit across the U.S.A. and exports to over 60 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

Source: CMI Orchards

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