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   Florismart Launches New Platform With Innovative New Software
by Florismart
Posted: Friday, October 6, 2017 at 4:03PM EDT

No-one else in the florist industry has attempted to build such a platform; 100% of the software has been built from scratch by Florismart. They are the first to try and succeed. The new platform will be launched at the end of this month and will contain infinitely more features. Florists will find that it makes buying flowers and sundries so much easier, and growers and suppliers will find themselves more connected to the florist than ever.

The initial idea for founding Florismart roots from the frustration that, compared to supermarkets and other big industry players, independent florists are paying so much more for their flowers. Companies such as Moonpig have great purchasing power and can, therefore, negotiate prices directly from the growers. Florismart’s buying platform enables the independent florists that buy from it to recreate a similar purchasing power. They are all buying together as one, so the growers and suppliers see them as one big customer.

Steve France, CEO of Florismart commented about the new platform and Florismart’s position in general: “This new development is the most exciting progression for Florismart so far. We are supporting florists to run their businesses better, and this new platform will aid us to do this even more. We are allowing them to buy their flowers more efficiently, giving them an insight into their business and creating a community that was never there before Florismart.”

Edwin van Verseveld, Technical Project Manager, led the IT team to build this revolutionary software. He commented: “In the process of building the new Florismart Platform, we focused on these three pillars: Speed, Simplicity and Security. The result is an online buying Platform tailored for professional florists that is easy to use and helps the florist with every aspect of their business.”

What is Florismart?

Florismart is a digital marketplace providing access to products from the best growers and suppliers. Professional florists can buy flowers, plants and sundries on this Platform. They can order anything from any supplier that offers their stock. Florismart makes sure everything the florist has ordered from the different suppliers all gets delivered in one go.

Florismart is not simply a platform for florists to buy flowers. They are so much more, offering education and community every step of the way. The Online Magazine offers information about the growers florists are buying from, business advice, stories about other florists that use the Platform, and general Industry news and information. Florismart also has a Facebook Group that allows florists to communicate with each other, as well as growers and suppliers, in a safe and secure environment.

Source: Florismart

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