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   NFI Launches
by The National Fisheries Institute (NFI)
Posted: Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at 4:57PM EST

McLean, VA – The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) announces a new website,, that aims to keep professional chefs, culinarians and members of the food service community “hooked” on seafood.

The website replaces the quarterly hard-copy newsletter previously distributed by NFI. The site provides easy access to Hooked’s well-received video series and a catalogue of helpful articles, tips, and recipes that encourage chefs to menu seafood.

“The Hooked newsletter quickly evolved to include a video component which received great feedback from the culinary community,” said NFI’s Communications Manager, Lynsee Fowler. “The videos illustrate how the trends and tips provided in Hooked can be put into practice successfully. With the availability of content and the popularity of the videos, a transition of Hooked to a digital property just made sense.”

The new website leads with video, with the latest restaurant profile featured on the homepage. also includes key insights into food service trends, nutrition tips from NFI’s Registered Dietitians that help chefs boost the health value of meals without sacrificing taste, and of course recipe ideas.

“Having Hooked online means new access to the database of articles and videos helpful to the culinary community,” said Jim Walstrom, President of Morey’s Seafood International LLC and Chair of NFI’s Communications Committee. “The idea for Hooked originated in one of our committee meetings and it’s been exciting to watch it grow and evolve. It’s important that NFI continues to engage the chef community since we know many Americans eat seafood outside of the home but that can be a double-win because it often inspires them to cook their own seafood at home.”

The website debuts with a new video featuring True Food Kitchen, where Chef Randall Mathews talks about the important role seafood suppliers play in creating dishes on their rotating menu. If you would like to be added to the Hookeddistribution list to receive an email when there’s a new video, please email

Source: The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) 

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