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   Pretium Packaging Becomes Practically Impossible Labs' First Licensee Of Patented BottleOne Technology
by Practically Impossible Labs
Posted: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 3:55PM EST

HOUSTON -- Practically Impossible Labs, a plastic bottle engineering and development company that licenses its Patented technology to leading packaging manufacturers celebrates the launch of the SureHandle™ line of PET handle bottles from Pretium Packaging.

“As the first licensee of Pi Labs’ BottleOne technology, Pretium has seized a leadership role in taking PET containers with an integrated handle to brand managers across multiple categories”, said Bill Duelge, President of PI Labs.

The elusive Triple Bottom Line of People-Planet-Profit is fully realized in the SureHandle™ line. Users will love the utility of the integrated handle, permitting natural and comfortable pouring and handling. The durability of the SureHandle 64 ounce bottle is unparalleled, and meets or exceeds published criteria for e-commerce ready packaging. BottleOne™technology enables caseless shipping and eliminates the need for corrugated cases throughout the supply chain, saving precious resources and improving efficiency at every level. At end of life, SureHandle containers are recycle code 1, collected curbside everywhere. The opportunity to use brilliant new designs, saving costly resources, at greater efficiency, creates opportunities for brand managers and retailers to grow share and earnings in today’s competitive marketplace.

“The challenge to eliminate single use corrugated in the retail channel is upon us. PET containers are an obvious answer to that challenge, but the incorporation of an ergonomic handle with improved durability and transport packaging elimination create exciting new opportunities for everyone involved”, said Duelge.

About Practically Impossible Labs

Practically Impossible Labs was formed in 2013 as a plastic bottle engineering and development company. The company’s signature BottleOne™ technology is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottle with an integrated handle that is licensed to leading industry manufacturers. BottleOne™ earned its brand name by being the first and only PET handle that seamlessly integrates with PET containers created through conventional stretch blow mold technology. BottleOne™ features Patented technology that transforms the packaging industry at almost every level:

• superior top load reduces secondary packaging waste by up to 80%

• reduces secondary packaging costs by up to 80%

• more durable resulting in less damage and almost no breakage or leakage

• Extended shelf life when replacing H.D.P.E.

• Recycle Friendly: Made entirely of Code One PET with no co-mingling of plastics or required separation of components, making it a superior life cycle choice.

For more information:

Source: Practically Impossible Labs

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