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   Koppert Cress Cut Microgreens Are Now Kosher Certified
by Koppert Cress USA
Posted: Friday, February 16, 2018 at 9:03AM EST

It's another impressive accomplishment and means that we comply with the strict policy of Kosher food laws, includingcleanliness, purity and quality.

To be certified Kosher all ingredients in the products, and the process of preparing the products, must be Certified for Orthodox Kosher compliance too.

You can be sure that Koppert Cress is not only striving to bring you the latest in culinary innovation, but we also reach the most superior levels of purity and quality. 

Sleep easy tonight, our "micro"fans. YourMicrogreens are in good hands! 

Mazel Tov Koppert Cress! |

Source: Koppert Cress USA

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