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   PBH Chooses Padilla/FoodMinds As Agency Of Record To Double Produce Consumption
by Chris Burt,
Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 11:28AM EDT

Increasing Americans’ consumption of fruits and vegetables always has been a mission for the Produce For Better Health Foundation. Now, its “call to action” is to double it.

On Tuesday, PBH announced a partnership with public relations giant Padilla and its FoodMinds division to be its agency of record, looking to greatly expand its message of getting more produce on the plate.

Wendy Reinhardt Kapsak, president and CEO of the Brentwood, MO-based PBH, says there is a unique opportunity now to “change the landscape” and push to achieve that goal to a more health-conscious nation of consumers.

“There has never been a better time,” she says. “Today’s consumer is more than ever interested in where food is coming from, where it is grown and how it is produced, not just how it can improve physical health, but how it can make them feel. We have an opportunity to grab the industry by the tail.”

Dennis Christou, the PBH’s Board of Trustees Chair and Vice President of Marketing for Del Monte Fresh Produce in Coral Gables, FL, agreed. “More than ever, people are interested in how their food decisions contribute to an overall active and healthful lifestyle. Yet, we know there are barriers affecting Americans’ produce consumption. It is time to transform how the industry and critical lifestyle influencers work together to give consumers new reasons to enjoy more fruit and vegetables.”  

In selecting Padilla, a Minneapolis-based communications firm that represents the Hass Avocado Board, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, Land O’Lakes as well as the Mayo Clinic and 3M, PBH hopes to improve brand positioning, stakeholder and consumer research, digital ecosystem strategy and activation, industry outreach and consumer influencer engagement. For the past few decades, PBH has invested in trending insights to help develop its own campaigns, such as Fruits & Veggies-More Matters and the 5-A-Day programs.  

Despite the success of those initiatives and PBH’s standing as a leader in promoting produce in all forms, Reinhardt Kapsak says PBH’s image needed a bit of a makeover as it looks to the future.

“The More Matters initiative is a decade old, and a lot has changed,” says Reinhardt Kapsak. “Consumers have changed. The industry’s view of health is much broader than PBH’s initial mandate. It requires a different approach than we’ve taken in the past. We have an opportunity to reimagine the campaign in a way that is relevant to today’s consumers and future consumers. The produce industry needs to be bold and aggressive. We’re excited to partner with Padilla and FoodMinds to energize our efforts to reach consumers and their influencers.”

Chicago-based FoodMinds, which is Padilla’s food and nutrition communications and consulting division, has the unique task of helping deliver a communications strategy that could alter food consumption in a positive way.

“We are incredibly honored to support the PBH team to evolve its vision for the future and build on its success to take the organization to the next level,” says Susan Pitman, Padilla executive vice president and FoodMinds founder. “There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables, in all forms, support healthy lifestyles. But most people still only eat about half the recommended daily produce for better health.”

With a bold new approach, PBH is hoping to change that and hoping that the produce industry and its leaders jump on board.

“What you’re seeing is a new PBH,” Reinhardt Kapsak says. “We are ready to support the industry in a way the organization hasn’t done in the past. We want the industry to be more engaged with us, and we want help every company tell its story. The collective industry has a way to work with PBH so we can reach our goal of doubling Americans’ produce consumption. We are here for you.”


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