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Tech-Driven Shopper Study Aids Tribelli Pepper Marketing
by Perishable News
Posted: Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 9:04AM EDT

Divine Flavor, Nogales, AZ-based grower and marketer of the Tribelli tri-colored peppers for the U.S. market, recently implemented a 1 ½ month In-Market Campaign in conjunction with Enza Zaden, the Enkhuizen, Netherlands-based seed breeding company behind the Tribelli variety, aimed at connecting directly with consumers at retail via technology.

The campaign was conducted with seven different retail chains throughout California, Arizona, Texas and Georgia. The methodology consisted of a sequence of mobile device communications beginning when the shopper enters the store. The technology continued to engage and elicit responses from the shoppers as they navigated the produce department and culminated in them selecting and scanning the Tribelli package, which directed them to a Tribelli product page including recipes and entertaining tips.

Perishable News spoke with Pedro Batiz, vice president of sales for Divine Flavor to find out more about the study’s purpose and results.

Q: Why go through the effort of a campaign like this?

Batiz: We’re trying to ensure we put the consumer in the center of our research regarding how we make product decisions. Consumers are the driving force in the marketplace. The In-Market campaign provided new technology connecting the consumer directly to our Tribelli peppers. The idea was to find out how much consumers know about the Tribelli brand and how they relate to it.

Q: Were you able to measure any significant response?

Batiz: We were able to glean information on how familiar shoppers were with the product. The CPI technology allows us to measure how many responses we had. During the duration of the campaign, we noticed the awareness went up from 4.7% to 72%. 

Q: That is a significant difference. What does this mean for retailers selling the Tribelli peppers?

Batiz: We have a partnership with our retailers and take seriously the responsibility of providing the best product available. Through these tests, we can confirm consumer perception and attitude about our product. We increase sales by raising the taste profile of the products the consumer is looking for. Divine Flavor is all about taste – by improving the taste experience consumers have with the produce we grow and market, we increase sales.

Q: We understand there was one particularly notable conclusion about your customers derived from the campaign?

Batiz: Yes, it highlighted our main demographics for the Tribelli peppers. One of the segments we -- as well as many of the stores we serve -- want to focus on is the higher-end market. The study demonstrated that a majority of shoppers who responded well to the survey are part of that market segment. Knowing this helps us and our partners focus on developing tools to appeal to the higher-end consumer.

Q: So how does this data get put into practice?

Batiz: Consumer feedback helps us develop tools to better reach that customer. The study showed Tribelli peppers had a better reception than other brands because we have already established a connection with market. From there, we can develop Point of Purchase materials and other tools to educate shoppers and encourage even more sales.

This campaign resulted in some very specific data that will help us work with our partner retailers to target marketing activities. Feedback from studies like this is crucial to help us determine that we deliver what we say in our marketing. We know we must ensure we always back up what we say with our product.

For more information, please contact:
Tel: 520.281.8328
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Source: Perishable News

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