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   Food Packaging: Packs Allow Bacon To Be Crisped In The Microwave
by Sirane
Posted: Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 3:01PM EDT

NEW Crispy Bacon Packs from Sirane’s innovative food packaging team allow bacon to be sold and cooked in a microwaveable pack in which it will crisp up.

An absorbent board within the pack will absorb the hot fat released by the bacon during cooking, allowing for perfect results every time. Cooking times can be adjusted depending on customer preference of how they like their bacon.

Simon Balderson, Sirane MD, said: “Over the years we’ve been asked to develop many products, but one that’s kept up popping up is a pack that will cook bacon in a microwave. We’re now able to offer exactly that – a ‘microwave crispy bacon pack’.

To read the rest of the story, please go to: Sirane

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