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   Bower & Branch Acquires Organic Plant Magic
by Bower & Branch™​
Posted: Friday, August 10, 2018 at 12:12PM EDT

Leesport, PA – Bower & Branch™, a group of independent growers and garden retailers throughout the Northeast, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest announced today that it has acquired the organic fertilizer company, Organic Plant Magic, according to Sid Raisch, President and CEO of Bower & Branch™.

“This acquisition has been in the works for a while,” Raisch stated. “Aligning Organic Plant Magic within Bower & Branch™ is a strategic opportunity that ensures our supply chain will grow seamlessly as our online sales continue to grow.” Organic Plant Magic founder Kerry Richardson will continue to serve on the Bower & Branch™ Board of Directors, and co-founder Kevin Richardson will join the Bower & Branch™ product development team.

“This partnership is the next generation of business models,” said Richardson. “Through the unique robust capacities of Bower & Branch™ to speak directly with consumers, growers, and the marketplace, we now have the ability to reach and assist more people and the environment, as well as continue to develop even more helpful innovations.” 

Raisch said, “Prior to adopting this particular product within the all organic Elements™ Brand, we sought the best method to grow better trees and plants, especially the more difficult to grow species. Elements™ Fertilizer builds the soil to build the plant. When it is used, we see thicker leaves, and stronger stems and branches that are more resistant to pests and disease.” He continued, “The reason this happens is that the proprietary blend of all-organic nutrients and microorganisms in Elements™ Fertilizer creates within plants better adaptability to the backfilled subsoil in every single neighborhood across the country where the majority of plants’ roots are immersed.”

“We determined that this soil building process was so core to turning brown thumbs into green thumbs that we made it a required part of our Bower & Branch™ Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Healthy plants make happy consumers. And happy consumers make a stronger industry,” added Raisch.

The Elements™ brand is sold exclusively through the Bower & Branch™ network of garden retailers and installers.

About Bower & Branch™​

Bower & Branch™ is the premier horticulture brand for consumers who want the convenience of online and mobile shopping. Its network of independent growers and garden retailers benefit from this solution to sell online and in-store. The principles of the Bower & Branch™ network provide a mobile and ecommerce go-to-market business model that grows customer traffic, reduces inventory while increasing selection, interfaces with changing demographics, and provides a strong market position for future sales. For more information, visit ​www.BowerAndBranch.com

Source: Bower & Branch™​

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