Syracuse-Area Supermarkets Reclaiming The Endcap
by Bob Niedt, The Post-Standard
Posted: 2009-10-02 11:27:42 EST

Syracuse, NY — You may have noticed some of the moves being made by supermarket chains in the Central New York market. Like every other retailer, they're trying to squeeze through the recession. Here's one way…

From Supermarket News: Supermarkets Driving Discounts to Endcaps

The endcap is back. And it's back big.

The redesign of Walmart’s Supercenters includes an effort to clean up mid-aisle displays, but at the same time emphasize massive creations at the ends of their aisles where a single product is showcased in a tiered, winged arrangement using a pallet on wheels. Described as “a traditional endcap on steroids,” the effort showcases products that Walmart intends to dominate and provides a bold statement to the power of its pricing at a time where consumer concern — and retailers’ attention — is clearly on value.

Grocery stores large and small are also in on the move to better utilize endcaps, observers say, in some cases taking them back from manufacturers who traditionally used the space to push their brands. Today, endcaps emphasizing price are part of supermarkets’ efforts to make their store environments an ally in the battle to enhance price perception and overall value.

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