Versatile And Long Lasting Lisianthus
by Staff Reporter, Florist's Review
Posted: 2009-10-02 11:26:04 EST


Versatile and long lasting, these delightful beauties have become favorites of florists and consumers alike. 

Name games.

Lisianthus russellianus (lis-ee-AN-thus roo-SELL-ee-an-us), which is more commonly known today botanically as Eustoma grandiflorum (you-STOW-ma grand-i-FLOR-um), goes by the common names “prairie gentian” and “Texas bluebell.” Most retail and wholesale florists refer to it commonly by the botanical name Lisianthus. 

Means well.

The botanical name Eustoma comes from the Greek eu, meaning “good,” and stoma, meaning “mouth,” referring to the beautiful corolla (petals) and throat. The specific epithet name grandiflorum means “large flowers.” 

Family matters.

Lisianthus is a member of the Gentianaceae (gentian) family, and a close relative in the floriculture world is Exacum (Persian violet).

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