New Clean Label Hawaiian Roll Improver Is Also Non-GMO, Allergen-Free
by PAK Group
Posted: 2017-09-05 16:17:32 EST

PASADENA, CA – Global baking ingredient producer Pak Group – through its North American brand, Bellarise® – has unveiled a clean label Hawaiian roll improver that is also available in non-allergen and non-GMO formats.

Bellarise® Hawaiian Roll Improver is clean label, and can be customized for Non-GMO and Allergen-Free applications.

Walt Postelwait, President of Pak Group, shed light on factors that motivated the development of a fully customizable clean label Hawaiian roll improver.  “It all goes back to understanding our customers and North American consumers.  Industry sales in the buns/rolls/croissants category neared the $2 billion mark in 2015, and with demand for clean label breads only rising, development of a clean label Hawaiian roll solution made sense.  Our clean label formula’s ability to be easily customized for non-allergen and non-GMO applications gives our customers even more ways to develop unique recipes for a bun/roll market that is ripe for growth, and to bake the specific clean label breads that increasingly health-conscious North American consumers want.”

“In addition to its customizability, at a 3% use rate our Bellarise® Hawaiian Roll Improver also enhances Hawaiian-style rolls’ crumb structure, resilience, and shelf life,” according to Postelwait.

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