Liscio's Bakery Helps Legendary Philadelphia Hoagie Brand Expand
by Lee’s Hoagie House
Posted: 2017-09-06 15:42:49 EST

HILADELPHIA, PA - Lee’s Hoagie House has been serving up authentic hoagies and cheese steaks since 1953. So much so that when it comes to serving their legendary sandwiches, they have three generations of bread experience. However, up until very recently and due to “the bread issue,” Lee’s has had to limit their expansion to the Delaware Valley. But now, with the help of Liscio’s Bakery, Lee’s is able to share their award-winning hoagies and cheese steaks beyond their original home, the “City of Brotherly Love.”

Through a par-bake technique and onsite baking, Lee’s Hoagie House can now expand anywhere without the fear of giving up the traditional taste of Philadelphia. Lee’s Hoagie House CEO, Allan Lewin states “The Lee’s hoagie roll is one of the keys to our success and great tasting sandwiches, therefore we will not compromise on the bread.”

Lewin went on to say, “The bread is fully-proofed, flash-frozen and then shipped to our stores. Each store has a special oven called a CombiTherm which injects both steam and dry heat while the bread is baking. This method produces that unique hoagie roll that has made the Lee’s brand famous in Philadelphia for over six decades.”

“The unique par-baked bread allows Lee’s Hoagie House to carry their bread and make their authentic Philadelphia hoagies and cheese steaks anywhere in the country. We are happy to provide Lee’s Hoagie House with their special bread,” said James Liscio, owner Liscio’s bakery

It took modern technology, dedication and experience to create an “Old School” product that can now be enjoyed everywhere. Lee’s Hoagie House can expand without giving up the quality and authenticity of their Philly Hoagie roll.

About Lee’s Hoagie House 
Created in 1953 in a tiny storefront at 19th and Cheltenham Avenue in Philadelphia’s Mt. Airy neighborhood, Lee’s Hoagie House is known for its award winning, authentic hoagies and cheese steaks. Starting in 1977, Lee’s offered licenses to independent operators and grew throughout the Philadelphia area. In 2014, Lee’s Hoagie House began franchising and has now grown to 18 locations in 3 states, 4 franchises and 14 licenses.

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Source: Lee’s Hoagie House