Del Monte Fresh Produce Hosts Annual 'Go Bananas!' Costume Giveaway 
by Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.
Posted: 2017-09-08 09:07:02 EST

Coral Gables, FL – Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc. (Del Monte) will host its 6th annual “Go Bananas!” Halloween promotion to encourage healthy eating during the Halloween holiday and promote Del Monte® premium bananas as alternatives to traditional Halloween treats. This year, the annual sweepstakes will have a special focus on the company’s 125th anniversary.

The “Go Bananas!” promotion gives consumers the chance to win a branded Del Monte® banana costume to wear for their Halloween festivities. In honor of the company’s 125th anniversary celebration, this year’s contest will incorporate a series of witty, historic “Go Bananas!” videos across its social media platforms, and will also randomly award a banana costume to 1,125 Del Monte® banana fans who enter online at Last year’s promotion received more than 140,000 entries and millions of impressions throughout the month of September.

“After 5 years of going bananas and 5,000 banana costumes dispersed among fans, we are excited to bring the Go Bananas! Halloween promotion back for its sixth year,” said Dennis Christou, VP Marketing N.A. “This year we were able to reference the promotion with our anniversary celebrations, and revamped the sweepstakes’ look and feel. We’re also pleased to send an additional 125 consumers home with their own banana costume!”

With the growing movement toward clean eating and healthier lifestyles, Del Monte launched the “Go Bananas!” Halloween promotion to keep healthy treats top-of-mind while leading up to the Halloween season. Consumers of all ages love dressing up as bananas and it is a great opportunity to reward loyal fans while at the same time promoting healthy Halloween treats.

The four-week promotion ends Sept. 30th in order to guarantee costume delivery in time for Halloween. For more information about Del Monte’s “Go Bananas!” giveaway, visit

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Source: Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., Inc.