Aurora Organic Dairy On Track To Surpass Several Of Its Corporate Citizenship Goals
by Aurora Organic Dairy
Posted: 2017-09-13 15:43:18 EST

BOULDER, Colo. – With its support of more than 75,000 acres of organic farmland operated by 100 independent farmers, and 12,000 organic pasture acres surrounding its dairy farms, the leading producer of organic milk for store brand retailers has the scale to positively impact more animals, people and the environment with its keen focus on animal welfare, employee care and environmental stewardship.

Aurora Organic Dairy today announced its progress toward corporate citizenship goals. As of the end of 2016, the Company was on track to surpass several of its five-year goals, established in 2012.

  • Water reduction and efficiency goals for its milk processing operations were exceeded, with a 19% reduction in plant water use per half gallon of milk processed.
  • 90% of irrigation pivots at Aurora Organic’s dairy farms are now equipped with smart technology to make the most efficient use of irrigation water. GPS technology investments made to improve soil health.
  • The Company’s dairy farms made significant strides in improving animal welfare, including a 31% reduction in lameness in the overall herd, exceeding its 2017 goal of a 20% reduction.
  • Aurora Organic’s farms are certified for the highest standards of animal care and employee care by Validus.
  • In the People goal area, Aurora Organic Dairy reported a 28% reduction in plant worker injuries and an 11% reduction in farm worker injuries.
  • Employee benefits were bolstered to provide a shorter work week for all farm employees, and paid parental leave for all employees.

“Throughout our 40-year history, we have learned that doing things more sustainably for our animals, people and the planet, is good business,” said Marc Peperzak, Founder and CEO. “We continue to demonstrate that, through this focus, our ability to grow responsibly brings the benefits of organic dairy products to more people in more places.”

Aurora Organic Dairy’s 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report details its commitment to Animals, People and the Planet, and outlines each of the Company’s corporate citizenship goal areas. The Company transparently communicates its successes, highlighted above, as well as those areas where more improvement is needed.

Even with the early achievement of some of its goals, Company management recognizes there is more work to be done, and looks forward to establishing new long-term goals in 2018.


Aurora Organic Dairy is the leading producer of store-brand organic milk and butter for U.S. retailers. Based in Boulder, Colorado, it operates a heifer farm and organic dairy farms in Colorado and Texas, as well as an organic dairy processing plant in Platteville, Colorado. Organic agriculture, animal care and sustainable production are the cornerstones of Aurora Organic Dairy’s business. Its processing facility and each of its farms are certified organic by USDA National Organic Program accredited certifiers and certified by Validus, a leading independent animal welfare auditor.

Aurora Organic Dairy is involved in overseeing organic standards from cow to carton. It monitors the entire product lifecycle, to ensure quality from its farms to its processing facility. For more information, visit

Source: Aurora Organic Dairy