Floral Industry Rebounds From Hurricanes
by Sheila Santiago, Society of American Florists
Posted: 2017-09-13 15:44:42 EST

High weather drama continued this week, as Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida, cutting a wide path of destruction but also sparing some areas that had been bracing for harder hits.

Floral industry members from South Florida to South Carolina have checked in with the Society of American Florists and EBrief editors, sharing stories of frustration, product loss and facility damage, power outages, flooding, disrupted supply chains — and also, big sighs of relief.

“We are recovering,” said Christine Boldt, executive vice president of the Association of Floral Importers of Florida. “It could have been a lot worse.” As of Tuesday, Boldt added, “Flights are arriving at the airport, the importers are open for business and the truck lines are starting today to haul flowers again.”

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