Bristol Bay Sockeye Fishermen Harvest 37 Million Sockeye
by The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association
Posted: 2017-09-13 15:48:48 EST

NAKNEK, Alaska -- Bristol Bay, Alaska, which is home to the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world, yielded a harvest of over 37 million sockeye salmon this year. The projected harvest was 27 million sockeye. This allowable harvest of salmon ranks as one of the largest Bristol Bay sockeye harvests on record and is the third largest harvest in over forty years. Bristol Bay sockeye represents nearly 75% of all sockeye salmon harvested in Alaska this year.

The immense size of Bristol Bay's healthy wild salmon stocks are a testament to sustainable fisheries management practices that stretch back for generations. The high abundance of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon means the fish are often quickly frozen after harvest to preserve the absolute freshest flavor, and then sold year-round in premium markets around the world.

Bristol Bay sockeye salmon (also known as red salmon) are prized for their signature deep red flesh, firm texture and authentic wild taste. Try it cubed into a refreshing sockeye salmon poke bowl, grilled into sockeye salmon burgers with rhubarb chutney, or with hearty grilled sockeye salmon citrus veggie skewers with herbed yogurt dipping sauce. Find more recipes, cooking tips, and information about the fishermen of Bristol Bay at

Bristol Bay sockeye salmon are hand-harvested by independent small boat fishermen to ensure quality. The Bristol Bay commercial driftnet fishery is made up of 1,800 permit holders. Each boat represents a small business, employing an additional 3-4 crew members, supporting over 14,000 jobs in this rural region of Alaska.

The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association is a fisherman-funded group with the mission to increase the value of the Bristol Bay fishery through education, quality outreach, and marketing. Learn more at

Source: The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association