Antique Hydrangea: The Old Souls Of The Flower World
by Sun Valley Group
Posted: 2017-09-14 15:41:03 EST

Sun Valley antique hydrangea are the “old souls” of the flower world, they have stories to tell. Maybe the story of an heirloom tablescape draped in vintage finery, maybe the story of faded love still sparkling in your mind’s eye,  …and more significantly, maybe the new story of a sustainable world, where blossoms still shine, even when their initial color dims.

We have been slowly harvesting these multicolored Rainforest Alliance Certified gems, and now, with fall’s arrival, we are in the thick of it. Lane and our team have been selecting varieties which antique wonderfully, and now you and your customers get the reward.

As the days get shorter and the nights chillier in Arcata, California, the colorful hydrangea blossoms of summer undergo a transformative process, like few other shows in nature.  The blooms shift from the solid colors of summer into a kaleidoscope of color variations and mutations.

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