The Nuances Of Baker's Math
by AIB International
Posted: 2017-09-15 15:46:14 EST

Scaling up from a written recipe can present quite a number of mathematical challenges, which is the exact reason why professional bakers use a separate method all their own. In fact, in the baking and food processing industries, the word formula or formulation is used instead of recipe, which is commonly used in food service, homes, and retail establishments. Baker’s math is the most effective and simplest method used to calculate amounts of ingredients needed in a formula, based on total flour weight being set equal to 100%. Most bakers understand when ingredients change that formulas need to be adjusted to ensure a quality product. Recalculations are created using baker’s math and sometimes adjustments need to be made on the production floor.

The advantages of using baker’s math include:

  • Common language between bakers
  • Ability to troubleshoot
  • Problem solve quickly in the production environment
  • Consistency of results
  • Flexibility to change one ingredient and keep the rest of the formula constant

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