Kaplans Carry On Rainbow Bakery Jewish Baking Tradition
by Jen Cowart, The Journal
Posted: 2017-09-18 15:30:15 EST

CRANSTON, R.I. — When Murray Kaplan’s grandfather first opened a Jewish bakery on Black Street in Providence, he could not have known that he and his descendants would continue to serve customers for three generations and beyond.

It’s that longevity that Kaplan believes is his family’s true legacy: the ability to hold their own in an era when many family-owned businesses are unable to compete with big box stores and products that emphasize convenience over tradition.

“My grandfather was a flour miller in Russia,” said Murray. “He came here from Kiev, Russia and settled in Providence. He opened a bakery on Black Street, across from where the Providence Marriott is now. Later, he moved to Prairie Avenue in South Providence.”

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