Find New Flower Lovers With Petal It Forward
by Sun Valley Group
Posted: 2017-09-20 15:34:39 EST

Petal It Forward is October 11, 2017.

Anyone reading this blog knows that flowers have been proven to improve people’s moods, increase feelings of well-being, and ultimately make us happier. Two years ago, the good folks at the Society of American Florists (SAF) made a bold move. They decided to take the concept of “pay it forward’ and apply it to flowers.

Instead of the traditional flower giveaways that have happened in various incarnations for years as industry outreach efforts, the SAF decided to up the ante. They established Petal It Forward to giveaway two bouquets at a time, one for the person to keep, and another to “Petal It Forward” to a friend, co-worker or …better yet, another random person.

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