Maine Recovers Nearly All Mussels Affected By Toxic Algae
by Peter McGuire, Portland Press Herald
Posted: 2017-09-20 15:35:56 EST

Seafood dealers have recovered 98 percent of the mussels that were recalled after being harvested in an area of Down East Maine currently experiencing an algae bloom that produces a potentially deadly biotoxin.

Officials estimate 58,480 pounds of mussels were affected by the recall initiated Friday. In a statement Tuesday, the Maine Department of Marine Resources said 57,492 pounds, or 98 percent of the impacted product, had been recovered in the three days following the recall.

“At this point the recall is complete and due to the cooperation of the dealers involved we have been able to recover nearly all of the affected product,” Kohl Kanwit, director of the department’s Public Health Bureau, said in a written statement.

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