Costco Chicken Processing Plant In Fremont Gets OK From State Environmental Agency
by Barbara Soderlin, Omaha World-Herald
Posted: 2017-09-21 15:39:46 EST

The Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality has approved construction of Costco’s chicken processing complex in Fremont and said it will issue a permit, allowing construction to proceed on the $280 million project.

More than a dozen people told the Department of Environmental Quality at an August hearing that they were concerned that the operation could hurt air quality in their community. The department reviewed and responded to those comments in a document signed Sept. 14 by Kevin Stoner, administrator of the air quality division.

The state required the permit because the planned facility — including a plant, feed mill and hatchery — will surpass certain emissions thresholds, according to the document. But the department said it studied the pollutants the operation will emit and determined that the project will not have what’s considered a “significant impact” on air quality beyond the property.

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