Bouvardia Diamond Pearl Novelty Of The Year
by Royal Van Zanten
Posted: 2017-09-22 15:36:32 EST

From September 12th – 14th the Flower Expo Moscow took place.

The Russian market, with its huge passion for flowers and plants, has always been a good market for the horticultural sector and remains an important country with great growth and development potential.

The various product groups from Royal Van Zanten were well represented this year at our corporate booth were we showed Chrysanthemum Chic, Charmelia and Bouvardia with a wide range of cultivars to the Russian visitors.

In addition, the Flowers Expo organization has two important awards; The Best Quality Product and The Novelty of the Year award. Every year on Thursday, the winners of the awards will be announced. Royal Van Zanten is the proud winner of the Novelty of the Year award with Bouvardia Diamond Pearl®.

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