Mix & Match To Be A Significant Trend In Bedding Plants In This Upcoming Season
by Danziger
Posted: 2017-09-26 15:39:34 EST

“This trend is not new, but every year we witness a growth in demand for high quality and well synchronized combinations. At first, these combinations were chosen by trial and error at the grower’s level. In the past few years, breeders identified the need, and are now offering more and more readymade combos, that were pre-checked and trialed for higher success rate”, says Ayala Zilberman, Europe Sales Manager at Danziger.

 “During CAST, we invited our visitors to vote for their favorite MIXIS™ that we presented at our display. I selected the MIXIS that time together nicely and have a nice display of color with proven components. The MIXIS’s that receive the most votes will be for available for purchase Spring 2019. My personal favorite is 589”, says Mike Fernandez, NA Market Manager at Danziger


Source: Danziger