New: Charmelia Blush Doubles The Pleasure
by Royal Van Zanten
Posted: 2017-09-26 15:39:34 EST

The new Charmelia® Blush with its blend of two colours imbues the Charmelia® series with added élan. Its two bright colours create a splendid contrast: a beautiful complement to Charmelia® Pink and White. Charmelia® Blush will be exclusively introduced in week 39 by OZ Export and Hamifleurs. The introduction is a partnership between cut flower grower Together2Grow and breeder Royal van Zanten.

Three Charmelia® varieties with a long vase life

Charmelia® is friendly, feminine and elegant. It is known and valued for its long vase life. Charmelia® Blush also promises this outstanding quality. The dainty Charmelia® Blush has a dense flower head which produces a lively, colourful effect. Its bicolour flowers and foliage consistently remain in optimum condition over a long period and retain their freshness and bright colour. Charmelia® Blush guarantees double colour pleasure for at least three weeks.

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