MountainKing Touts Arrival Of Fall Harvested Jumbo Russets
by MountainKing
Posted: 2017-09-27 09:06:28 EST

HOUSTON, TX – MountainKing Jumbo Russets, known for providing retail grocers extraordinary category dollar lift, are now available for a limited time following an impressive harvest of the company’s large-sized variety.

“Our supply of Jumbo Russets is the strongest it’s been in quite a while,” says John Pope, MountainKing’s vice president of marketing.

The MountainKing Jumbo Russets, typically sized at about 10 ounces each, are packed in 8#, 15# and 20# bags.

The large-sized variety is popular heading into fall when consumers begin preparing stuffed potato dishes akin to those served in barbecue restaurants and delis.  Consumers also prefer the variety for certain dishes and cooking methods since the larger sizes require fewer potatoes to peel.

“Shoppers will always buy more tonnage of bagged Jumbos,” says Pope, who adds the product sells particularly well when cross promoted with bagged salads or vegetable toppings such as mushrooms and broccoli.  High-graphic display bins also have proven effective in selling the larger-sized variety.

With a retail price under $0.50 per serving, the bagged Jumbo Russets are among the best value of all MountainKing varieties, he adds.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, MountainKing grows, packs, markets, and distributes high-flavor potato varieties available in grocery store chains throughout the United States.

Currently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products every week.

Source: MountainKing