How To Capitalize On Your Bread Classics
by Puratos Taste Tomorrow
Posted: 2017-09-27 15:31:20 EST

The classics will always hold their ground in the world of bakery. People travel a lot and they like to taste new flavours and innovations. But they also crave tradition, routine and familiar food they can count on to be delicious. You can meet their needs by reinventing your classics. An earlier article on Taste Tomorrow zooms in on reinventing classic pastries. This article gives you 5 tips on how to capitalise on your classic breads. 

In shape

One way to create innovations based on your classic breads is to give them a new shape. Bake square pitas or rectangular pretzels, or change the classic triangular club sandwich into a round or square one. If donuts can be square, you can bake your bagels square as well. Or follow the example of Kobe Sausages in Budapest. They serve small sausages in multigrain bread cones and also introduced a square bun specifically shaped to hold three sausages. They are a great example of how reshaping a classic bread can give the consumer a completely new food experience.

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