Taylor Farms Honored With McDonald’s 'Self-Managed Excellence' Award
by Taylor Farms
Posted: 2017-09-28 09:06:55 EST

This month Taylor Farms was honored with McDonald’s first ever “Self-Managed Excellence” Award for outstanding leadership in food safety, quality, and sustainability.

During the awards ceremony, McDonald’s highlighted a few other reasons behind their selection of Taylor Farms for the award:

  • Bruce Taylor is challenging the entire industry to address labor pressures, from field to facility to transportation labor, and challenging his team to be industry leaders in engineering and the use of automated harvesting machines in an effort to not only reduce the amount of labor but just as importantly, provide employees a more comfortable work environment.
  • Taylor Farms recognized years ago that diversification of growing regions is critical for assured supply. Its built-in contingency plan now covers all of North America with a focus on smaller growing windows.
  • Taylor Farms has an agile supply chain that has supported McDonald’s not just in the US, but also in other areas all over the world.

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