Organic Dairy Farmers ‘Weathering The Storm’ As Milk Prices Drop, Production Quotas Set
by Lauren Abbate, Bangor Daily News
Posted: 2017-09-28 15:21:18 EST

When Paul Philbrick ceased operating his sawmill business, he was left with a barn and a need for a new profession. His younger brother ― a dairy farmer ― suggested he try his hand at raising a herd of organic dairy cows for milk production.

To Philbrick, organic dairy seemed like a solid prospect. He could raise a small herd of cows and enjoy a stable milk price that would be higher than the price paid to conventional dairy farmers.

In 2008 he started Ledge Rock Farm in Knox, and for the better part of the last nine years he’s reaped the benefits of his decision to go organic ― which requires farmers to follow specific regulations, such as prohibiting the use of chemical fertilizers and requiring that their cows are fed organic feed.

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