A Year Later, Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery Loves Mixin' It Up
by Alyssa Zaczek, SCTimes.com
Posted: 2017-10-02 15:36:20 EST

SAUK RAPIDS — In the year that Mixin' It Up Gluten Free Bakery has been open, owner Jessi Brinkman estimates they've sold up to 700 cupcakes a week, or roughly 36,400 snack-sized sweets.

That's a lot of cupcakes. 

"I can't believe it's been a year. It's been a whirlwind of craziness!" Brinkman said. Mixin' It Up celebrated its one-year anniversary over the weekend, ringing in the milestone with oodles of sweet treats safe for sensitive stomachs. 

The bakery is a hybrid space that includes a retail co-op featuring exclusively gluten-free products, all of which are baked in the rental kitchen to the rear of the space. Brinkman has five renters, and also bakes and sells her own products.

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