Misionero Unveils Garden Life, New Look & Updated Packaging
by Misionero
Posted: 2017-10-03 09:01:32 EST

(Gonzales, California) Misionero will unveil a rebranded Garden Life logo with a fresher brighter design for their Washed and Trimmed Leaf Lettuce line.

Listening to the voice of the market, the new design contains product usage callouts on the front of the label and will include peel and reseal technology effectively removing the lid and eliminating 20% of plastic used in the packaging. The new consumer brand design will allow for more product visibility on the retail shelf. Misionero plans on moving all retail valued-added products to peel and reseal film.

Misionero continues to focus on cutting-edge innovation and ideas that benefit the consumer and our environment. Misionero…Real People, Creating Real Food for a Greener Future (on and off the plate).

Source: Misionero