Potatoes & Onions From Morning Kiss Organic Ready For Harvest Season
by Morning Kiss Organic
Posted: 2017-10-03 09:01:32 EST

Chelsea, MA - With autumn's arrival in New England, Morning Kiss Organic is prepared to pack its high quality crop of potatoes and onions to retailer specifications, including three, four, and five pound bags. Harvest season in early autumn is full of opportunities to promote organic potatoes and onions in store, particularly as the holidays approach. 

"Cooking plays a central role in home life at this time of year, and potatoes and onions are key ingredients for savory soups, stews, and sides. We're proud to offer an exceptional crop and look forward to partnering with retailers to bringing potatoes and onions to family tables in New England and beyond," says Michael Guptill of Morning Kiss Organic.

Morning Kiss Organic has sourced this season's crop of organic potatoes from the East Coast, including farms in Massachusetts, Maine, and Prince Edward Island. 

As with all Morning Kiss Organic produce, potatoes and onions are available in a range of customizable formats and packed to retailer specifications. 

About Morning Kiss Organic:
Morning Kiss Organic is part of Arrowfarms, headquartered in Massachusetts. Morning Kiss Organic offers a wide range of fresh, high quality produce available year round in customized, affordable programs. Morning Kiss Organic is committed to sourcing from East Coast farmers whenever possible, and delivers daily to stores and distribution centers. 

Source: Morning Kiss Organic