Ocean Wise's Chef Ned Bell On Sustainable Seafood
by Amber Gibson, Forbes
Posted: 2017-10-05 15:32:44 EST

“I want sustainable seafood accessible to every Canadian and American within the next decade,” Chef Ned Bell says. “Now the organic movement dominates the grocery store. I hope that 20 years from now the sustainable seafood movement does the same.”

Sustainable has become such a buzz word, along with words like “green” and “natural.” But what does it really mean? When it comes to seafood, sustainable species are abundant, resilient and harvested in a way that does not damage the marine ecosystem.

In his quest to popularize sustainable seafood, Bell left the Four Seasons Vancouver last year to join the Vancouver Aquarium as Ocean Wise's first executive chef. Ocean Wise is the Canadian equivalent to Monterey Bay Seafood Watch, and they've adopted a similar traffic light classification system to help diners vote with their dollars. Chefs and diners can download the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise apps to help determine what to eat and avoid.

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