Dakota Pack Becomes Redwood Farms Meat Processors
by Dickinson County News
Posted: 2017-10-06 16:04:21 EST

Dakota Pack will officially change its name to Redwood Farms Meat Processors, according to a Sept. 20 announcement from the company.

Redwood Farms is based in Estherville and is a division of Farmers Union Industries, LLC. The company specializes in cull hog processing. The former Dakota Pack was acquired by Farmers Union Industries in July 2015 and currently employs just under 100 people. Redwood Farms distributes fresh and frozen pork products throughout the United States.

Farmers Union Industries wanted to better incorporate the division into the Farmers Union Industries family as part of a response to wide-ranging changes in the business climate. The timing of the rebrand will coincide with the company’s current expansion project, which is resulting in a facility with double the processing capacity. The expansion of the cull hog processing facility was expected to be completed this month.

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