Produced On Gemini Deco Seeder: Klosterman Baking Company Breads
by Gemini Bakery Equipment Company
Posted: 2017-10-11 15:48:20 EST

A family-owned bakery headquartered in Cincinnati, Klosterman Baking Company, has announced the launch of four new organic products.

Among the new offerings will be 24 oz. Organic Raisin Bread, 24 oz. Organic Honey Wheat Bread, 24 oz. Organic Honey White Bread and 24 oz. Organic 100% Whole Wheat Bread, all distributed fresh and frozen nationally to restaurants, co-packers, retailers, institutions and food service customers.

Gemini Bakery Equipment Co. – Understanding the Deco Seeder from Gemini Bakery Equipment on Vimeo.

Each product debuting under the organic label allows customers to better serve ingredient-discerning consumers with the transparency and attention to the nutritional label they have come to expect. Driving dynamic growth in the food industry is the organic category, overall. As the term “organic” expands beyond natural foods, the proliferation of organic in food service may also help restaurant operators reach new consumers. 

Source: Gemini Bakery Equipment Company