Cakes Of The World: Pastel de Nata
by Puratos
Posted: 2017-10-11 15:48:20 EST

Cakes are baked all over the world. Many countries have regional cake specialties. Puratos travels around the globe, discovering the deliciousness of regional authentic cakes. This time we enjoy one of Portugal’s oldest desserts: Pastel de Nata. 

What is Pastel de Nata?

The Portuguese Pastel de Nata is a smooth and creamy egg tart pastry with lemon and cinnamon notes. It’s one of Portugal’s most famous and oldest desserts. You will find it in countries speaking Portuguese and countries with significant Portuguese immigrant populations, like Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, the United States, and France.

How to enjoy Pastel de Nata

This Portuguese treat is often eaten with a cup of coffee, but it’s also a popular dessert in Portugal. It’s becoming increasingly well-loved elsewhere as the world catches up on these special and delicious custard cream tarts.

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