Ruth Appel Wins Cheese Industry Certification
by Lynden Tribune
Posted: 2017-10-13 15:45:06 EST

FERNDALE — Appel Farms announces that co-owner Ruth Appel is in the 2017 class of American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professionals.

Appel was among those who passed the ACS Certified Cheese Professional exam given on July 26 in Denver. The total individuals now certified in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Europe is only about 900.

The exam was established by the American Cheese Society to encourage high standards of comprehensive cheese knowledge and service for professionals in all areas of the industry. The exam is based on the knowledge and skills required to successfully perform cheese-related tasks in jobs across the industry. Testing encompasses a broad range of topics including raw ingredients, the cheesemaking process, storing and handling cheese, selecting distributors, marketing and communicating about cheese, nutrition, and regulations and sanitation.

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