The 10 Very Best Sticky Buns In NYC
by Scott Lynch, Gothamist
Posted: 2017-10-13 15:43:53 EST

Consider the Sticky Bun, the most dessert-y of all breakfast pastries, a glorious bit of sweet and chewy heaven with which to start your day. But it's tricky to get them right! During the course of my intensive investigation over the past month I consumed countless not-worth-it calories, and a couple of big players in the NYC bakery game got caught selling day-old buns, which is a bad strategy and particularly fatal when it comes to these brioche-based beauties. That said, there are plenty of excellent sticky buns to be had around town, and these are the very best.

Ciao For Now: This relentlessly charming Alphabet City cafe only sells its sticky buns on the weekends, but these monsters are worth whatever it takes to get one into your mouth. The Ciao For Now version is extra large, wonderfully sweet, and so generously slathered in syrup it's almost like eating a first-rate pecan pie... but instead of crust you get soft, buttery brioche. This was possibly my favorite such pastry overall.

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